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Equitable Property Division and Divorce Attorney in NY

Aside from child support, child custody, and other issues involving children, property division is one of the most commonly disputed things within a divorce. When these issues arise, you need to know that you have a committed and knowledgeable divorce lawyer on your side who can guide you and inform you about what needs to be done and how to claim your property.

Divorcing couples often do not like to communicate or have a very hard time trying to communicate and this can lead to an even further breakdown of the relationship. Since you and your partner may not be able to talk to each other in a civil manner, our divorce lawyer will do the talking for you and communicate back and forth to ensure all issues are resolved and handled in the most efficient manner.

Each party in a divorce is entitled to their fair share of assets, but the actual marital assets are divided up based on the preparation of each party. Therefore, if you do not have a professional divorce lawyer help you fill out your property distribution sheet, you may miss items or forget to list items and this can lead to an uneven share of property.

We Will Fight for Your Rights to Your Property

When you need a divorce lawyer on your side, the team at Divorce Attorney NY is here to help you. We will take all of the necessary steps to make sure that you are fully prepared and that your marital property division goals are met along the way. Some of the ways we help you include:

  • Ensuring that your marital assets are properly and evenly distributed to include any assets, homes, cars, retirement accounts, and the like
  • Establishing any type of sole ownership for a piece of property that you believe was a non-marital asset
  • Pursuing any issues where you claim assets are marital property, but your spouse says they are non-marital

Divorces that have disputes over marital property can become tiresome and lead to a lot of stress. Our goal at Divorce Lawyer NY is to help alleviate this stress and bear the burden for you. If you think that there will be an argument or hotly dispute about martial assets, you should have an experienced lawyer on your side.

Whether you have martial assets that equal up to a few hundred dollars or millions of dollars, you need to build yourself a strong case to get what is rightfully yours. The team at Divorce Lawyer NY is ready to help you.

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