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When children are involved in a divorce, that divorce can get nasty really quick. You and your spouse may not agree on what is best for the children and you may find yourself in the middle of a bickering match about who the children should live with and who is a better parent than who. It is important to try and calm down and take a deep breath. Remember, your divorce affects your children too and they do not want you to fight over them.

A divorce that involves children is more complicated than a simple divorce with no assets and children. In most cases, a contested divorce will need to be filed because it is unlikely that both parent will agree to everything. The team at Divorce Lawyer NY wants to work with you to help you come to an agreement that works for everyone.

Every parent has their children’s best interests in mind, but sometimes you may become overwhelmed and worried and start to deviate from those interests. It is up to the courts in New York to determine where the children will best be served, but there are many subjective decisions that must be made along the way.

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Both Mothers and Fathers Have Rights

It is one of the oldest misconceptions that the mother will always win custody of the children. While many mothers may win custody, there are many cases where the father wins custody too. Our divorce lawyer has successfully won custody cases for both mothers and fathers.

While it is not yet recognized as the norm in New York, joint custody is an option and has been awarded in numerous child custody cases. Joint custody is when both parents share the custody of the children and rotate weeks and weekends with the kids.

On a side note, New York courts sometimes allow children, age 14 and older, to choose which parent they would prefer to live with. The child’s preference may be taken into consideration by the judge.

Parenting Decisions Rely on the Custody Ruling

One of the most important results of a custody hearing is to determine which parent will have all of the decision-making responsibilities. The parent who is awarded this power will be able to make important decisions about the child’s school, medical health, sports activities, and more. All of these decisions can be made without consulting the non-custodial parent too.

Because there is so much at stake here, it is important that you work with a skilled and qualified divorce attorney who knows how to handle these issues.

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