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We Can Help You Establish Paternity in NY

Paternity tests are used for a number of reasons and they can help close the door on any doubts or suspicions that may exist. While paternity tests are beneficial, it can be challenging to have one performed, especially when the suspected father does not want to participate. While a challenge may present itself, it is vital that a mother have paternity established, especially when the suspected father wants visitation or custody.

At Divorce Lawyer NY, our Queens divorce attorney has many years of experience in this field and can help you establish paternity. We know that problems may arise throughout the process and our team is ready to handle them. We will help you overcome any challenges along the way and our goal is to meet your needs.

If you have any questions about paternity in Staten Island, contact our office today to discuss your options and the next steps.

The Father’s Legal Rights

Fathers have rights too and many people believe that the mother is the one in control of the children, but it is not uncommon for fathers to gain custody of their children as well. Fathers often come into our office because they want a paternity test conducted to gain visitation of their child.

While it is not common, someone who is not actually the father may be named the father and this can place a lot of stress on both the real father and the named father. If you have any questions about paternity or you would like to have a test conducted, call Divorce Lawyer NY today.

The Mother’s Legal Rights

Every mother has legal rights when it comes to knowing the paternity of their child. Many mothers come into our office because they want to establish paternity, so that they can get the child support they need to raise their child(ren). Our office is prepared to help you with both court-ordered tests and tests requested by you or the father.

Paternity Tests Are Accurate

One of the good things about paternity tests is that they are accurate. In fact, the DNA testing is able to prove, with almost 100 percent accuracy, who the father of the child is. Once paternity has been established, the father is responsible for paying child support for the child.

If the proven father chooses not to make the support payments he has been ordered to pay, he will face consequences such as a suspended driver’s license, wage garnishments, and jail time.

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