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We Make Sure ALL Judgements ARE Enforced in NY

When a divorce has reached the end of its phase and is considered final, it is important that the parties who agreed to the conditions follow them. It is not legal to simply ignore the judgement and do what you want. When the judgement is made, the terms of the agreement and divorce are made clear and you will have to acknowledge that you understand them. The New York courts will discuss child custody, child support, alimony, and division of assets and property. All parties MUST comply and when one does not, it can result in some serious consequences.

At Divorce Lawyer NY, we take judgements seriously and we see to it that they are followed the way they are supposed to be. Our divorce lawyer takes the time to help clients through an array of family law matters and no matter what the issue or case was about, following the judgement is required.

If you think you need to have a modification to a judgement that was made or you think that your ex-spouse is not following the judgement properly, call our office and let us know immediately, so that we can look into it.

Child Support and Child Custody Enforcement Attorney in NY

Typically, people will follow the judgements that are handed down, but the most commonly ignored judgements are those that involve child support payments and child custody. The reason behind this is because emotions often run much higher when children are involved and one parent may be unhappy with the decision that was made.

If one of the parties does not follow the Queens or Staten Island judgement, it is recommended that you contact our office right away. You do NOT want to take matters into your own hands, as this may lead to more complications. In fact, you may then be in violation of the judgement yourself.

Fortunately, the courts in New York do have some harsh penalties in place for those parents who choose to ignore the judgement and rules. For example, if a parent withholds the child from the other parent, the custodial parent may lose custody of the child due to this. On the other hand, if the noncustodial parent withholds child support payments, that parent may be arrested or have their wages garnished to make sure he or she follows the judge’s orders.

The court does not reward those who do not follow judgements and you are not likely to win in court if you are found to be a habitual offender of breaking the judgements that are ordered.

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